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Be Well Sis: The Podcast

Jan 26, 2021

Have you ever felt that even though you had all the experience/education/applicable skills that you still didn’t belong in the room? That even though you’ve gotten the job, that you didn’t really belong? That, my friend, is Imposter Syndrome. Let’s talk about it!


Guest Feature: 


Christine Carino is a...

Jan 19, 2021

Guest Feature: 

Janelle King  is a Registered Nurse with a Master's degree in Public Health. During her nursing career she has spent many years educating young women about reproductive and sexual health.  In her spare time, you can find writing about reproductive health and wellness on her blog

Jan 6, 2021

Happy New Year!!

In this episode, Cassandre discusses the importance of intentionally creating time and space for self care and cultivating a profound relationship with yourself. 


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