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Be Well Sis: The Podcast

Mar 11, 2020

Guest Spotlight:

Marsha Hoffman, of Salut Nutrition, is an NYC based Registered Dietitian, wellness blogger, avid traveler, and food enthusiast who is passionate about experiencing different cultures through food. While nutrition is important, she believes life is meant to be enjoyed and stresses that having balance is a crucial part of wellness. She also shared her journey on becoming a Registered Dietitian and offered great tips for those also considering a career as a Registered Dietitian.

We discussed also:

  • The role of nutrition as part of self-care.
  • Is juicing a sustainable diet?
  • Is the Ketogenic diet a sustainable diet? Who might benefit from the Keto diet?
  • Tips for eating a plant-based diet.
  • How small daily nutritional changes can yield massive health results.
  • Tips for eating balanced meals
  • Benefits of buying produce that is in season
  • Resources for those living in food deserts:
    • Health Bucks: An NYC program that offers a financial incentive for residents of low-income neighborhoods to purchase fruits and vegetables at farmers’ markets.
    • Imperfect Foods: Reduced Cost Box Program, which takes 33% off the cost of yo.ur order, every time you order. Enjoy healthy, high-quality groceries that cost less and fight food waste
    • Feeding America America: We work to get nourishing food – from farmers, manufacturers, and retailers – to people in need.


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