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Be Well Sis: The Podcast

Feb 16, 2021

“Those who master money are free to serve others still mastered by it”. – Orrin Woodward

Generally speaking, we rarely discuss the connection between our financial health its effect on our overall wellbeing. Today's episode addresses the very tangible link between the two. 

Guest Feature:

Jamila is not only the founder but also the host of the award-winning podcast called Journey to Launch. She teaches everyday people like teachers, working professionals, and busy parents how to eliminate debt, save more money and increase their net worth regardless of their income. Additionally, she is a wife, mom of three and first-generation immigrant from Jamaica raised in Brooklyn, NY.

We discussed:

  • Jamila's inspiring story on what led her on her journey to financial independence 
  • How/where to start your journey to financial wellness
  • How to set a firm foundation for your children
  • Teaching your children about money
  • What to do if your income has been affected by COVID

On my Radar: Exhale -App for Emotional Wellbeing

Song of the Day: Roll Some Mo by Lucky Daye

Jamila's Book Recommendations: 

Where to connect with Jamila online: IG, website, podcast 


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Be well, Sis.