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Be Well Sis: The Podcast

Aug 24, 2021

You hear the word “self-love” being tossed around the internet. So much so that it has become a trigger word for so many people. But having compassion and kindness for yourself is crucial to living a kind, peaceful, and fruitful life. So in today’s episode, I’m diving deep into how you can foster self-compassion so that you can have better relationships with others and have a healthy relationship with yourself.

First, I dive into an explanation of what self-compassion is and what that can look like. I also share what experts in psychology have said about the importance of self-compassion and how it affects our lives. Then, we’ll discuss Dr. Kristin Neff’s 3 main components of self-compassion, what they mean, and examples of how they show up in my own life. We’ll take a look at what it means to be mindful, and how to simply observe your thoughts while letting them pass, so as to not assign meaning and weight to them. Lastly, I talk about journaling and share my framework for falling into this healthy habit.

This is an important episode that will reshape the way you approach self-compassion. So tune in, take notes, and give yourself permission to be kind to yourself.

Many thanks to Switch Research for partnering with me to bring you this episode.

Time Stamps:

  • [7:10] What is self-compassion
  • [8:15] Why it’s important for us to have self-compassion
  • [10:49] Self-kindness vs. self-judgment
  • [13:42] Taking a non-judgmental approach to your thoughts and emotions
  • [14:45] Observing your thoughts and letting them pass
  • [15:47] What you need to know about journaling
  • [16:29] A framework for approaching journaling



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Be well, Sis.