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Be Well Sis: The Podcast

Feb 8, 2022

Question: How would your life be different if you accepted yourself wholeheartedly?

We’re back with Season4 and I feel it’s only fitting to revisit one of my favorite episodes from season one. One of the conversations that I often think about is the one I had with Nakeia Homer. In my conversation with Nakeia- we explore how her complete honesty about herself and her circumstances, has allowed her to grow and has contributed to the successes she’s had as an author, award-winning songwriter, and much more. 

How honest are you, to you about you?

Guest Feature:

Nakeia Homer is a best-selling author, well-being educator, and self-healing guide. “Navigating life as the product of two teenage parents, becoming the foster-child of my beloved grand(mom), and growing up in the projects inspired a level of strength that helped me realize I didn’t need easy. I’ve survived some hard things in my lifetime. I chose to believe I was who God created me to be and not the product of circumstance, and started my healing process” .


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