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Be Well Sis: The Podcast

Sep 7, 2021

I’m in my mid-thirties. At this point in life, I’m quite familiar with the ebbs and flows of friendships. Over the years, we’ve outgrown childhood friends and made new ones throughout high school and college. But one of the skills we seem to lose a grasp on in adulthood is how to make new friends and navigate friendship breakups.

Enter Danielle Bayard Jackson. Danielle is a friendship expert on a mission to help women create and maintain better friendships. Today, we’re diving into an open and candid conversation about how we can make new friends as adults.


We discuss the balancing act of prioritizing friendships while juggling the responsibilities of adult life. Danielle gives us a new perspective of viewing friendships through the lens of wellness, and why not having anyone to vibe with can have the same harmful effects as other unhealthy habits

As a self-proclaimed introvert, I couldn’t wrap up this episode without picking Danielle’s brain on how I can take on the scary task of starting new friendships and finding new friends outside of my already existing circles. Danielle is here to help you navigate adult friendship breakups, transitions, and expanding your friendship circle. Because at the end of the day, we all get by with a little help from our friends.


About Danielle Bayard Jackson:

Danielle Bayard Jackson is a friendship expert on a mission to help women create and maintain better friendships. As a former high school teacher and certified women's coach, (as well as a podcast host, author, and speaker) Danielle uses her knowledge and training to help women better understand the impact and importance of strong platonic relationships between women through her unique platform, FriendForward. Recently featured in the NBC News article “I hired a friendship coach to make friends. Here’s what happened”, Danielle is sought after by various media outlets to shine a light on the complexities of female friendship and to provide actionable strategies for overcoming some of the most common hurdles to sustaining meaningful friendships.

Closer Look of the Episode:

  • [2:45] How to make new friends as adults
  • [6:17] Balancing adult life while prioritizing friendships
  • [10:20] Viewing friendships through the lens of wellness
  • [12:28] Taking the first step to new friendships as an introvert
  • [17:43] Tips for finding new friends as an adult
  • [25:11] Navigating friendship breakups
  • [28:09] Danielle’s top reading recommendation


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