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Be Well Sis: The Podcast

Aug 10, 2021

What do you do when life has disappointed you? How do you regain your footing when career setbacks have knocked you down? Navigating these disappointments and setbacks can be lonely and defeating. You might find yourself looking in the mirror, not recognizing the person staring back at you because they’re drained of their confidence.

Kyla Denanyoh knows this feeling a little too well. She dealt with frustration and immense self-doubt after not having passed the bar exam. Although she is hardly the first person to fail the bar, she felt isolated in her experience. In our conversation today, we discuss how to overcome disappointments and setbacks, especially when things don’t go as planned. Kyla shares her expertise and experience on overcoming self-doubt, giving yourself permission to pivot, and embracing the journey.

Episode Timestamps:

  • [3:25] Career changes, breaking down perfectionism, and being a lawyer
  • [7:50] Embracing your journey and knowing that nothing takes away from your expertise
  • [9:47] Overcoming disappointments when things don’t go as planned
  • [16:11] How to overcome self-doubt
  • [18:07] Permission to pivot and why your experience is relevant
  • [22:06] How Kyla’s pivots helped her discover different aspects of herself
  • [26:51] Why therapy is a blessing and what prompted Kyla to seek therapy out
  • [32:11] Kyla’s advice for anyone considering a career pivot


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