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Be Well Sis: The Podcast

Oct 19, 2021

Is the life you’re living the one that you’ve envisioned for yourself? Do you feel like your life is meaningful and purposeful? Have you ever felt like ditching the conventional and traditional in pursuit of your dreams? Wanda Duncan is doing exactly that. She’s thriving, instead of just surviving, and living her life with intention and full of purpose.

In my discussion with Wanda, we chat about Wanda’s unconventional but meaningful life as a digital nomad and what inspired her to live her life on the road. She shares her journey from her failed attempts at digital nomad life, difficult and traumatic experiences, and navigating culture shock to ultimately thriving as an entrepreneur and full-time traveler.

Wanda also explains how she stays connected with her community while not being physically present and close to her loved ones. However, she also shares how she manages to connect with a community of like-minded Black women travelers and independent entrepreneurs through her Facebook group.

Aside from Wanda’s travels around the world, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a successful entrepreneur. Through our conversations, Wanda opens up about her experience with internal and external work as an entrepreneur, and how she has been intentional about her growth and evolution. And for aspiring digital nomads and entrepreneurs, Wanda dives into the several ways in which you can sustain a lifestyle on the road and on your own terms.

This episode is for the dreamers and doers out there who strive for a life off the beaten path. Tune in as Wanda shares her wisdom about purpose, community, entrepreneurship, and living a full and sustainable life as a full-time digital nomad and entrepreneur.

A Closer Look at the Episode

  • [7:46] What prompted Wanda to live life as a digital nomad
  • [13:51] Thriving, not surviving, and living a life full of meaning and purpose
  • [16:00] How Wanda stays connected while not being physically present with her community
  • [18:19] Wanda’s community for Black women digital nomads and travelers
  • [19:21] The internal and external work of entrepreneurship as a Black woman
  • [22:16] Evolving and working on yourself intentionally
  • [24:36] How Wanda provides for herself as a digital nomad
  • [27:33] Wanda’s upcoming conferences
  • [30:42] Wanda’s book recommendations

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